Monday, 30 December 2013

My openions as an escorts girl

Why these feminists the world over using the word slut or escort executives to describe their walks and their agenda. The word is pejorative as the word “womanizer” when used to describe a man. There is also a question of whether women can claim the right to dress like sluts and yet be taken seriously and have their message treated with respect.

Yes, women have to accept that there is something called appropriate behavior and this includes appropriate dressing to suit the occasion. A woman can wear revealing and provocative clothes in the bed room she shares with the man she loves. But she cannot dress like an escort girl or slut at the work place. Neither can she expect not to gawked at if she wares a bikini to the super market. If she does not do this, she should accept responsibility for the fact that men could take this as an invitation that the woman concerned is sending out.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My vision over costumes an independent girl

As an independent escort service provider in Bangalore I have my own vision over my costumes. But here I need to discuss about the reality behind the ladies costumes. It is difficult to believe that woman choose their dresses for themselves. For one thing, they cannot see themselves and so, they are really dressing for others to see. 

Perhaps they don’t always dress to show themselves to men. Perhaps they also dress to show other women what good fashion sense they have and how attractive they can look- but it would be native not to accept that such women are also dressing to show how appealing, alluring, and irresistible they can be- to the opposite sex.