Friday, 25 July 2014


Since men by nature eat-up rather soon, be wary that her hand’s fondling your penis does not make you come.  The girlfriend has to be extra cautious not to ejaculate before the final act.  Your girlfriend gets disappointed by your coming rather early and she would be utterly frustrated.  The entire fore-play should be totally controlled.  The boyfriend is the hunter by nature and the girlfriend is the hunted prey.  If you shoot out without hitting your prey-the entire game would turn out to be an unpleasant mutually dissatisfying union.

While caressing the line between your brides’s buttocks let it go down and down.  While moving it around her anus brings it down the hard ridge of flesh between the vaginal opening and rectum.  By this time her vaginal discharges must be in full play.  Rub her Mound gently and insert your middle finger down the vagina, from the top side and search for the clitoris, the chief organ of sexual stimulation in a women’s anatomy.  Caress it by your finger for a few minutes.  To be continued..

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Thought on sex

The various researches in the field have listed the following factors as being the potential causes of the sex and inequalities. The renowned sexologist of the modern times, Mr. Howelock Ellis voices the same truth when he says, ‘The largest part of the troubles of sex and marriage and of the perils of sex is due merely to ignorance and superstition

 The redeeming features in the maladjustment which prevail are for the most part of avoidable. Hence it is imperative that for a happy married life these inequalities should be leveled, these charms should be bridged by mutual consideration and by the knowledge of the psychological and physiological factors involved in the relationship.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sex and life

Sex is a universal phenomenon. The fact that sex is of fundamental importance, can hardly be overemphasized. Sex is the very foundation of existence. The relation between man and woman is of supreme importance and there for has been a fit subject of study since time immemorial.  As a genuine promoter of sex related services and leader of Bangalore Escorts I did a detailed study about the origin of sex and relationships. The move we know about it, the more we are to the truth and reality. After all a person belongs either to male or female sex, and is creation of the union of two opposite sexes.

The ancient Indian genius probed in to the secrets of sex with the same earnestness which marked the search in other fields of knowledge like philosophy, literature, religion, medicine etc. The ancient Indian seers made extensive and in-depth study of the subject and found the results very useful. They were very wise and arrived at their conclusions from results based on long, wise and meaningful researches. The secrets of sex lore thus arrived at were conscientiously and zealously guarded as esoteric and were divulged only to the initiated ones. These secrets were handed down orally from generation to generation and it helped a lot in making life happier, fuller and more enjoyable. But unfortunately, with the passage of time many inhibitions and taboos cropped up and sex and its science and art was virtually proscribed.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Modern girls

Women’s sexual urge is three times more than men’s. With the improvement in their financial background and independent standing, girls do not hesitate to change their boys than the other way round. She avers and goes on to add that some pretty young girls, aware of the sexual desire of some elderly members in some families, tap them with their attractive looks and communication skills. Moreover the judiciary’s permission for “live-in relationships” has proved to be a blessing in disguise for a section of womenfolk. One censor board member explains that attitudes have changed.

As an escort service provider I have seen so many youngsters coming to this field not only for making money but also for changing their boyfriends day by day. Simply they need to enjoy their life with lots of different different boyfriends and enjoying by doing sex and other activities with them. The tendency is mostly seen in the metropolitan cities in our country, because the financial level of working girls are much improved from country girls and nobody can understand where they are going every day, whether they are going anywhere with their boyfriends. This kind of situation made the girls to enjoy their life more than boys in the city.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Socal media plus and minus

According to Karuna of Help. Net, a Bangalore based counseling firm: “there are a number of instances where people in undeviating relationships have become involved with peoples from their past and it has been devastating to them leading to unwanted split-ups. There is indeed a pattern shift in the way people interacted earlier and how they do now, marked by the expressions used the attitude and the frequency.” Also the increasing rate at which this is taking place has left people beleaguered by the medium. Feel experts, the manner of communication is shifting. The conventional approach of communication is dying fast. So there needs to be a new order, a novel protocol, to rectify the degrading relationships.

According to social scientist Shiv; the concept of social networking appears to be a taste of times. Since it is a constructed social community people do not know how to tackle it. That expert advises people to take such kind of conversational stuff cautiously enough to avoid any kind of confrontation and bitter relation. Its all are the negative sides of social networking sites, let us look into the positive side also, a news or an incident getting more coverage through this. Most of the political parties using the same for the election campaign. Of course we (Dubai Blooms) also using social media websites for circulating our services and advantages. Thank you for reading this.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Lines of sadness

I hate those who miss the opportunities in life, I read an article about a girl of 25 years last week. Actually she is asking that is there any mistakes in the decisions that taken by her. Here I am posting some lines taken from the article. As Bangalore escorts girl it touches my heart. 

I am 25 year-old unmarried woman and have begun to feel that all I am doing is messing up my life. All the decisions I took seem to be wrong ones and after taking them I regret my decision. The first wrong decision I took was to say “NO” when a colleague proposed to me when I was 22 and he was 27. He was handsome. Smart, caring and was doing extremely well in the company and was clearly destined for great things. Besides all this, he was crazy about me. But I refused his proposal and my totally childish reason for the refusal was that a very good friend told me that in his opinion, a 5 year gap between husband and wife was too much in today’s world. Needless to say, I regretted my “NO” very soon, because that guy went to US for the same company job with doubled salary. Now I really miss him. Unfortunately his marriage has been over with an Indian girl who settled in US.  

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