Sunday, 26 January 2014

Points for self development

Start by being honest with yourself. When you are not honest with yourself, you tend to burn so much energy into subjugating your emotions and pretending that they don’t exist, and there is no energy left to even try to dream of the reality you really desire. On the other hand when you are honest with yourself about what your feelings are, and what you want, it becomes far easier to accept others as they are. You can start by being honest with yourself. Write down your feeling by asking yourself what you are really feeling every time you go through negative emotions. While you may not get an answer immediately, with time, you would be able to develop awareness about what feelings you are truly experiencing. You have to take care of these points very carefully if you are working in a client relationship designation. You know well that we are providing escort services in Bangalore, our way of behaving directly to our business, we are sure that the most important factor for each and every business is respect towards the clients.

Stop criticizing others and yourself. The key to learning to love yourself is to accept yourself as you are. When you criticize others and yourself, you demean yourself, and no one else. Constant criticism fills your mind with self deprecating thoughts. On the other hand, when you praise yourself, you change positively. Remember, you are unique and special, as everyone else.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

The art is a part of life

The fashion capital of India, Bangalore is an emerging art center in the country. Every now and then, there is an art exhibition, show or workshops being held at some place in the city. But while most of the art event last for few days, the Sub Art show, held recently at the ambiance mall in Vasant Kunj created new history in art circles while setting out ripples in art world. The month-long show was indeed a land mark in art exhibitions. The event has been conceived around an innovative idea. The entire event has been segmented in 3-4 days sub events under various heads. The major programmers are the summer art carnival, the earth art bonanza, the Indian art carnival, The Bangalore art wall. Works of numerous eminent artists were displayed during the show in rotation. 

They program included some kind of discussions which subjects our culture and system. They handed over some fund for the rehabilitation services for the prostitutes who works the out skirts of the Bangalore city. Mr SK Reddy who made a long speech regarding the problems faced by the prostitutes across India and he explained their life cycle from an escort girl to a complete prostitute. The money they have collected from the presentations has been dedicated to the backward peoples of Bangalore. The show provided the art lovers a unique opportunity to experience art from close quarters and made them feel that art occupies an important place in one’s life. 

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wow celebrities !!

Millions sit hypnotized by the lives of celebrities. Some of us may not only interested in their lives but may also be interested in how much they weigh, what they eat, and how often they exercise. For better or for worse, a great many aspects of our culture reap what the tabloid news media sells.  Fascination with celebrities is nothing new; it has only grown more pervasive.  This is because we live in a media saturated and technology driven world.  

Our thinking patterns, lifestyles, economic structures and virtually almost every social fabric is shaped by technology and media.  Now, we have almost ubiquitous media access, which is a 24X7 affair.  Taking a trip to a couple of gyms in various pockets of Bangalore, I quizzed a few gym goers, and they reply that I received was; “Who 
doesn't want to have hot and sexy bodies like those of John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra?”

Is the Fitness Industry is being driven by this narcissistic urge to follow celebrities, one thing common in every one  featuring on page 3 – whether it is on the sports ground, on television or in films- is that they are all fit.  We know well that some of celebrities going for Spa massage services.  Health professional find it challenging to convince people that being healthy is must be a way of life.  “So, When a celebrity endorsers our views, it creates a better impact,” says weight management specialist of Bangalore.