Saturday, 5 April 2014

Socal media plus and minus

According to Karuna of Help. Net, a Bangalore based counseling firm: “there are a number of instances where people in undeviating relationships have become involved with peoples from their past and it has been devastating to them leading to unwanted split-ups. There is indeed a pattern shift in the way people interacted earlier and how they do now, marked by the expressions used the attitude and the frequency.” Also the increasing rate at which this is taking place has left people beleaguered by the medium. Feel experts, the manner of communication is shifting. The conventional approach of communication is dying fast. So there needs to be a new order, a novel protocol, to rectify the degrading relationships.

According to social scientist Shiv; the concept of social networking appears to be a taste of times. Since it is a constructed social community people do not know how to tackle it. That expert advises people to take such kind of conversational stuff cautiously enough to avoid any kind of confrontation and bitter relation. Its all are the negative sides of social networking sites, let us look into the positive side also, a news or an incident getting more coverage through this. Most of the political parties using the same for the election campaign. Of course we (Dubai Blooms) also using social media websites for circulating our services and advantages. Thank you for reading this.