Thursday, 8 May 2014

Modern girls

Women’s sexual urge is three times more than men’s. With the improvement in their financial background and independent standing, girls do not hesitate to change their boys than the other way round. She avers and goes on to add that some pretty young girls, aware of the sexual desire of some elderly members in some families, tap them with their attractive looks and communication skills. Moreover the judiciary’s permission for “live-in relationships” has proved to be a blessing in disguise for a section of womenfolk. One censor board member explains that attitudes have changed.

As an escort service provider I have seen so many youngsters coming to this field not only for making money but also for changing their boyfriends day by day. Simply they need to enjoy their life with lots of different different boyfriends and enjoying by doing sex and other activities with them. The tendency is mostly seen in the metropolitan cities in our country, because the financial level of working girls are much improved from country girls and nobody can understand where they are going every day, whether they are going anywhere with their boyfriends. This kind of situation made the girls to enjoy their life more than boys in the city.