Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sex and life

Sex is a universal phenomenon. The fact that sex is of fundamental importance, can hardly be overemphasized. Sex is the very foundation of existence. The relation between man and woman is of supreme importance and there for has been a fit subject of study since time immemorial.  As a genuine promoter of sex related services and leader of Bangalore Escorts I did a detailed study about the origin of sex and relationships. The move we know about it, the more we are to the truth and reality. After all a person belongs either to male or female sex, and is creation of the union of two opposite sexes.

The ancient Indian genius probed in to the secrets of sex with the same earnestness which marked the search in other fields of knowledge like philosophy, literature, religion, medicine etc. The ancient Indian seers made extensive and in-depth study of the subject and found the results very useful. They were very wise and arrived at their conclusions from results based on long, wise and meaningful researches. The secrets of sex lore thus arrived at were conscientiously and zealously guarded as esoteric and were divulged only to the initiated ones. These secrets were handed down orally from generation to generation and it helped a lot in making life happier, fuller and more enjoyable. But unfortunately, with the passage of time many inhibitions and taboos cropped up and sex and its science and art was virtually proscribed.