Saturday, 17 December 2016


I love freedom and I could not live without freedom. I think most of the girls are thinking like this only but they could not act as they like. I don’t like to depend any person for any kind of my personal activities are requirements. And I don’t like to follow the orders of anyone as my boss. This attitude made me a Bangalore escorts girl. Let me come to the point. I am a genuine independent escorts in Bangalore and I don’t want to work any escort agencies or third parties who will control my moments and put pressure to serve any kind of client.

In the initial stage of my Bangalore escort service I was planning to join with any Bangalore escorts agency but I understood that it is not simple and against my ideologies. The Bangalore escort agencies will not allow freedom of life. And the girl has to follow all the instructions of agent and be ready any time to serve the client. As an independent Bangalore escort girl I can choose my boyfriend from a number of service requests but the girls who are working with agents have to serve any kind of clients including old peoples. This knowledge made me to think independently and work as an independent Bangalore escort girl.